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About Us

About Us

Refuse to be victimized is here to help you defend yourself against predators and acts of violence.  Mike Delbow, is a certified instructor with a background in private protection and investigations. Mike received his law enforcement related education in Mankato, MN and spend 5 years with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office as a Sheriff reserve deputy.  Mike also graduated from the Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice and currently works in investigations and teaches several firearm classes per month. Mike has been teaching use of force and hand to hand combat and fire arm training for over ten years. He teaches personal defense in the home and workplace. Classes offered are, permit to carry- multi-state, personal defense in the home or workplace, NRA pistol, beginners tactical, female only tactical.

Hello, I am firearms instructor Mike Delbow,
Let me be the first to congratulate you on taking steps to become a legally armed citizen. It is my goal to arm as many sound mind, law abiding, capable civilians as possible, making Minnesota, and the surrounding states a safer place to live. It is far better to have a permit to carry and not need it, then need it and not have it. I train my students that it is their GOD-given constitutional right to own and bear arms. People should not be scared to carry a gun. People should be scared when shit hits the fan and they don’t have one. 99% of violent attacks happened to the victim’s that are unarmed. Keep that in mind when you’re deciding if you want to carry your gun TODAY!

  • DNR fire arm safety instructor
  • NRA pistol instructor
  • BCA certified instructor
  • MN State permit to carry instructor
  • Workplace and home defense counselor
     Currently an investigator and instructor


Contact Mike Delbow today with any questions, to register for a course, or for a personal defense consultation.

(612) 501-0031